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Deer…. No Problem!

June 26, 2018

We have two approaches to keep deer from destroying our vegetable garden and landscape. The first one is for our edible plants and the second is for our non-edibles.

Since I really do not want to spray repellents on my vegetable garden, I have found another approach that works great for that area! This is our third year using the Scarecrow Motion-Activated Animal Deterrent (click here for info) to startle the deer with a harmless burst of water and sound teaching them to avoid my veggies. This approach has changed their browsing habits. We link two of these together using the same water source. Works great!


The Scarecrow Motion-Activated Animal Deterrent protects my vegetable garden from deer

We stopped the deer from nibbling our perennials, hydrangea and other non-edibles with Tomcat Deer Repellent (click here for info). Before this, no sooner than the new growth began to emerge it become dinner for the many deer around our home. Not only are the deer now bugging someone else, but we love the smell of this stuff. This repellent does not stink like the other stuff we have used. Tomcat has lots of repellents and products to rid your place of unwanted animals: (click here for info)

Our Huechera (Coral Bells) are beautiful this year since the deer have left them alone.


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  1. Thats great to know. Thank you for sharing

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